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Chion Book of Records
[ ] 2008-06-05, 19:56

Somewhere in the foothills of Chion Mountains was hiding a group of young  magmars. They were overlooking the Plateau of Silence, which wrapped around in a bloody fog, created by an epic battle between humans and magmars. For the past 6 hours their arms were clanking and rumbling, as warriors inflicted deadly blows. Their beasts were roaring, trying to reap their masters’ enemies apart. Army of chaos, drown to the fight by their general was adding to the noise with their foreign shouts. This was a battle, which the world of Faeo have not seen before. It was longer, than any other battle fought in the past, its participants were a lot more prepared, inflicting enormous damage to the opposing race, both sides were summoning recording number of wraths, trying to get a hold of the lead.

The group of magmars was trying to find courage to join the battle until they heard humans scream something in a foreign language, but they understood without a translator. Humans were yelling “Victory!!!”, as the last magmar fell. Experienced warriors looked around, checking sites of the mountains and lead their race out of the battlefield.

As human army marched back to the human capital, one warrior thought of the battle in the Chion Mountains. It was the first battle of such scale, setting a new record with its size. Ever since, this warrior was looking around the world of Faeo for new records in different spheres and aspects of the human and magmar being and putting them into his book: “Chion Book of Records”.

First player to achieve level 5 was Mrrshan [5] .
First player to achieve level 6 was Mrrshan [6] .
First player to achieve level 7 was Mrrshan [7] .
First player to achieve level 8 was Mrrshan [8] .
First player to achieve level 9 was Mrrshan [9] .
First player to achieve level 10 was First [10] .
The longest battle was registered on April 05’ 2008. It lasted almost 7 hours.
The greatest damage, inflicted by a player in a single fight was registered on April 05’ 2008. On this day, Judgment Call [7]  inflicted 32 012 damage, killing 49 opponents.
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