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Forest Cave
[ ] 2008-05-07, 17:27
Forest Cave is a one of the mazes of the Faeo, surviving through which will get you an ancient treasure. It is not an instance, like Derelict House. When you enter it, you join everyone, who is already there. You may work together or solo, it’s totally up to you. There are two entrances to the cave, one is on the  Communal Grave and one is in the  Forgotten Mines. To enter the cave, you need to have a torch. You will need to light it, before you enter the cave, and from that moment you will have 90 minutes to do a complete walk-though of the cave.
Somewhere in the cave there is a chest, which contains treasure. To open it, you will need 3 keys, which are hidden in different chests in the opposite ends of the cave. You will need to travel to each one, get the keys and then go for the sacred treasure.

Getting the keys won’t be easy. Each doorway will be guarded by 3-5 Skeletons [5] (647 HP). Not only that, in each location there will be a few  Pkhadd Bears [6] (1117 HP) or  Dugrkharg [6] (1117 HP). Some locations will be guarded by Skeleton-Kings [7] (2341 HP). Just so you don’t completely lost, I prepared a map of the maze:
You may never know, what will you get out as the final reward. It could be an item of high green sets or a few gold coins… but it’s always worth going there!
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