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Main » 2008 » December » 28 » And the title of the best executioner goes to…
And the title of the best executioner goes to…

In the last poll that was launched on the Legend Step by Step we tried to find out who players consider to be the best executioner in the world of Faeo. The poll lasted for over six months and more than 600 players participated gave their votes to one of the four nominees:

 Judgment Call [8]  –  Human representative. This player has a long history in the game. He was here almost since the launch of the beta version. He had been known for many accomplishments, including creation of this web site, 90 days gag, forum drama and much more!

 ahl [10]  –  Magmar representative. Currently he has the highest executioner skill out of all magmars. He is also ne of the top players on the western side of the great sea and one  of the founders of  Real Warriors – clan that is considered to be the strongest one in the lands of magmars.

 DaMagic [7]  –  Human representative. At the moment his name can only be seen on the pages of history. He showed a lot of valour by destroying magmarian forces in crystalline caves, ancient temple of the chosen and in underground knight’s arena. He also spent a fair amount of time in top 10 valorous worriers at a number one spot.

 TerkiN [10]  Magmar representative. He got to be one of the first magmars to take the path of executioner. He also defended the magmarian lands from constant raids of humans like  Judgment Call [8] ,  DaMagic [7] ,  Gec [10] and others.

And the title of the best executioner goes to  ahl [10] !!! He had been chosen over the other 3 contests by the good players of Faeo!

We would like to thank everyone, who have participated in the poll! Your opinion was valued very much and we are need of it once again! Please participate in our new poll and tell, which of these 5 you want to see more in the game: quests, players, updates, instances or drama?

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1. Gec

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2. Judgment Call
Yep smile

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