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Main » 2009 » January » 1 » The Wonders Trade Fair Is Here!
The Wonders Trade Fair Is Here!

That’s right! The freak trade show is finally here! Join everyone in celebration,  by visiting one of its location in  Outskirts of Klevesa or  Valley of Fire. Here is what you can get on the trade fair:





Intuition +50
Life level +50
Dexterity +50
Protection +50
Damage +10.0 .. +15.0


The most popular celebratory beverage in Faeo. This elixir increases your attributes by 50. In addition, it strengthens blows by 10-15.
Interval of use: Once per battle.

 2  50

A unique elixir, the technology for creating which has been long forgotten. Works for warriors of any combat style. Concentration: very high. After use, this elixir increases your Strength, Intuition, Protection and Dexterity by 45.
Duration of effect: 2 hours.


Sheara herself imbued this symbol with her power and spirit in order to protect warriors from damage and give them good luck in battle. Using this symbol, you will receive the Supreme Blessings of the Heavens for 1 hour. Can only be used once.


A pack of playing cards, inside which you can find 1 collectors' card.

Blue gift


 x 600  x 2

Yellow gift

 Red gift


Category: News | Views: 1005 | Added by: Guest
Total comments: 13
2009-01-01 Spam
1. Gec
wink cool ))))))) gift me it all tongue

2009-01-01 Spam
2. Judgment Call
Want those gifts... mmm... smile

2009-01-01 Spam
3. czolgi
Which gift give U MO helmet ?????? - red one or any of them ?????

2009-01-01 Spam
4. Judgment Call
Any, as you can see, in the table they go all together. biggrin

2009-01-01 Spam
5. tsakos
Well done m8 fine work as usual

2009-01-01 Spam
6. Judgment Call
Thank you biggrin

2009-01-01 Spam
7. _Cloud Strife_

2009-01-01 Spam
8. Potemkin
good work JC applause

2009-01-02 Spam
9. Ladydragon
Gifts Gifts smile

2009-01-03 Spam
10. cloud sky star
Yellow gift

Tearing off the wrapping paper and looking into the box, you find: Elixir of Invulnerability 2 pcs. cool

2009-01-04 Spam
11. darknessado
applause great job JC

2009-01-05 Spam
12. -Behemoth-
JC as i recall reggie said MO can onli be gotten from red gifts and has a verry low prob...

2009-01-07 Spam
17:44 Tearing off the wrapping paper and looking into the box, you find:5.00. (Blue Diamonds 1 = 1.50 gold) dollar
Ihave it 4 times, and 600 efril cristals once from 5 gifts. So its 30gold and 600 efrils from 5 gifts(25gold cost).

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